Charlotte's First Post

As far as dream jobs go I had hit the jackpot. I, Charlotte Eadie from Plympton had just moved in to Marston Manor to take up my role as PA to Astrid Frost. 80s and 90s 'It' girl, model and socialite Astrid graced the pages of the magazines I pored over in my teenage years. After inheriting her father's estate and shares in the family company Astrid had seemingly tired of city life and moved to the country.  Astrid was known to be rather more elusive these days but was still a big deal in the worlds of fashion and art. After my three years at college studying fine art and textiles, the illusion of gaining a top notch city job had disappeared and the reality for every graduate was that jobs simply weren't available. I knew how lucky I was to get this position. I had been dreaming of Prada but my budget was Primark, until now...

The first thing that strikes you about Marston Manor is the grandeur of the place. The striking 17th century building looks like it has come straight out of a Jane Austen novel and is possibly the most beautiful house I have ever seen. I was struggling to get my head around the fact I was about to live in it. The second thing was the feel of the place. Marston Manor looked like it had a story to tell, like it had many secrets behind its doors. My curious nature couldn't wait to explore my new home and find out more. There were only two parts of the manor that were off limits. The first was Astrid's bedroom, for privacy of course and the second part off limits was the upper east wing of the house. I had no idea what was so private about the east wing but was told that under no circumstances was I to venture there. I, of course, was desperate to know why....

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