Chapter 3

Two days had passed since I first encountered the mysterious Alex yet I found myself wondering about him. Who was he? Why was he visiting Astrid and would I be seeing him again. It was the last part I worried about. He was very good looking, that's allowed, but I really shouldn't be hoping to bump into him again. Not when I'm in a relationship with the loveable Dan.

Dan and I had been together since we met at college and were quite inseparable for most of it. He was generous, kind, reliable everything you could want in a boyfriend really. He now works for a design company in the city and this is the furthest we have lived from each other since we met. I missed him terribly at first but over the last week or so I just haven't found the time to think about him so much. Our last conversation was a little strained as I had to cancel my trip to visit him next week. Astrid had said the coming weekend would be busy and that she may require my assistance. Astrid wasn't the type of person to allow 'no' and 'can't' in the vocabulary of her staff. Today I wasn't so busy and as Astrid was out for the day, I decided it was time to explore Marston Manor. I was still curious about the east wing and as the manor was quiet with no other staff to be seen I thought I would take a peek. I climbed the main staircase and turned right towards the forbidden wing. At the bottom of a long corridor I was faced with a red door. It was an odd door to have in the manor and nothing like the doors around the rest of the house. I was extremely curious to know what was behind it but of course it was locked. A smaller white door was to my right, it looked like a cupboard but I thought I would give it a try. This door wasn't locked and when I opened the door I found that it wasn't a cupboard at all but a set of steps. They looked long and I couldn't quite see where they were leading to. What was down there? A cellar maybe? Was this the reason the east wing was off limits? I was just about to step down when I heard a voice behind me 'Are you lost Miss Eadie?....'

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