Chapter 5

Saturday arrived and the manor was busy with cleaners and caterers. I had no further instructions of what my role was to be tonight and how I should dress which was bugging me as I like to try and be prepared. Astrid called for me at 7pm to go to her room. "Darling, which jewellery? Help me pick" Astrid said. Astrid was dressed in the Valentino dress and classic black Louboutin heels. She looked different tonight, statuesque and amazing as always but there was something slightly different that I just couldn't quite put my finger on. I chose a diamond and ruby Chopard necklace which sat beautifully with the neckline of the dress. There was a knock at the door. "Miss Frost your first guest has arrived" said Max from the doorway. Astrid smiled at me. "That will be all for this evening Charlotte" she said and followed Max out the door. I was shocked. I had cancelled my plans to visit Dan this weekend and Astrid hadn't needed me at all. I was annoyed and I was hungry so I headed to the kitchen for some food. The catering staff had now left so I helped myself to some leftover canapés. What to do with the rest of my evening? I could go in to the village but there didn't seem much point now and I was far to intrigued as to what Astrid's soiree was for. My nosiness got the better of me so I crept through the dining room and peaked through the doorway in to the entrance hall to see if I could see any guests arriving.
There was a table in the middle of the hall filled with bottles Dom Perignon and various guests milling around the hall. Not just any guests, I started to recognise a few. So far I had spotted a radio DJ, a TV presenter, an Actor and a well known Model. I thought the hall was an odd place to have guests congregate and then I noticed Astrid standing on the stairs. She turned and walked slowly up, I noticed a man following behind her. When she reached the top of the stairs she turned RIGHT. Astrid had just turned RIGHT, to the east wing the forbidden part of the manor! As I tried to process this I noticed more people slowly following Astrid's lead. They must be heading to the locked room with the big red door! What the hell was going on?
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