Chapter 6

I heard the door open behind me and spun around to see Alex, Astrid's guest I encountered last week. "Thinking of joining the party?" he smirked. I felt myself flush Scarlett, "No I was just erm...passing" I stammered. "Well Lottie, why don't you come and get some fresh air with me?" All I could do was nod and follow Alex out in to the cool evening breeze.
The Manor was very picturesque by day but by night it really looked enchanting. It was still hard to believe I was living there. "Let's take a drive" Alex whispered as he guided me to a rather new looking Jaguar. I slid into the passenger side and the smell of new leather hit me, definitely a new car. Alex put his foot down and we sped off down the driveway. I wasn't sure if it was the speed we were traveling or the fact I was in the car alone with Alex but my stomach was doing somersaults. I finally found my voice as Alex reduced his speed. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Getting fresh air" Alex said with a smile as he pulled the car into a picnic spot. We got out of the car and walked up the hill, Alex striding up with a bottle of Dom Perignon stolen from the party. I started to panic, what the hell was I doing driving out into the middle of nowhere with a complete stranger? Alex interrupted my train of thought as he asked me to sit and look at the view. The skyline in front of us was breathtaking. Alex handed me a glass of champagne and asked me about myself. I rambled on about where I was from. I was aware that I spoke too much when I was nervous but I couldn't seem to stop talking.
We walked back to the car and feeling rather confident, fuelled by the champagne I asked about the party. Alex just smiled and said it was a rather private affair that couldn't really be discussed. Fuelled by the alcohol and my curiosity I pushed further until I finally blurted out "what's behind the red door?" Alex's eyes darkened as he pushed me up against the car. "What do you know?" he asked in a stern voice. I told him I knew nothing and that's why I was asking. Alex leaned into me so he was pressed against me and I could feel his breath on my neck as he whispered into my ear: "Your curiosity will get you in trouble Lottie, there are certain boundaries you shouldn't cross. If you do, there's no going back".
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