Poppy Noir Reviews: Male Chastity Set.


So this weeks assignment was so much further, "out there” than either myself or my partner have taken our sexual activities. Understandable a large proportion of men would be dubious about having their penis put into a restraint, especially if their partner already has them by the balls ;). But do not jump to conclusions... The male chastity set is liberating for both parties involved. 

So firstly we set to work on researching more about male chastity and what was involved. I would recommend taking a look at a guide titled ‘Male Chastity,’ by Lucy Fairbourne. The guide was very informative and before long I was feeling very empowered by the object sat before me and the sexual activities to come.

The concept behind male chastity is very simple – male domination and female lead role-play. Like the cock-ring, the wearers sexual tension is prolonged. Further to this and in the case of a chastity set, the wearer can not only not reach the fulfillment of ejaculation, he isn't able to become hard, touch himself or partake in penetration without the key holders involvement and permission.  This really is the ultimate for creating sexual tension and desire. The longer the user is dominated and made to wear the set, the longer that innate caveman instinct to ‘go forth and concur’ builds.

If you are yet to be convinced, lets take this as a scenario… Your male partner comes home and you are all dressed up and excited about teasing him and making him want you. Now usually you can strip down, seductively lick your fingers, play with your nipples and show him how wet you are, whilst teasing him and tell him he’s not allowed to touch. More often than not, he’s then hard in seconds, stroking himself furiously and has you bent over the dinner table penetrating you hard and making sure you know who’s boss. Immediately the roles are reversed and he then becomes the dominator and you revert back to being the submissive (not that any of us mind being bent over the dining table!). 

Well now imagine if he wants you so badly, but you have complete control over his penis. To the point where he can’t even reach an erection (not for the want of trying) without you saying so. So no matter how much you sit on him, brush your nipples close to his lips, allow him to touch every inch of your body, he can’t do a thing without your say so…

For the men out there, they all know how big the explosion is when they have been denied sexual activity for some time. Equally no man would turn their nose up at being seduced, teased, or seductively danced for. By a mans very nature, they love the thrill of the chase. So just imagine how great the tension would be, building up inside and when the dominator finally releases the submissive penis, she/he is then there for the taking.

What may also come as a surprise to many women, is that men actually love to be dominated. Although many wont admit to it, there is a high chance your partner would not object to being tied to the bed and thus becoming your sex slave for the night and this is why I recommend trying out the male chastity set.

Do not be scared or alarmed by all the various parts. The set comes with very clear instructions and what you should remember is, that those who are seriously into dominatrix can wear the male chastity for days and even weeks. But please do read the instruction and follow them carefully!!!

The set comes with only one key and initially I was horrified, as I was so worried about losing it and then when I thought about it, it made it even more exciting. Only one key and that means only one was out for my partners penis.

Now, if your partner is anything like mine, no sooner do I even glance in a remotely sexual way he’s as hard as a rock. So initially trying to get him to calm down and become soft enough to insert his beloved man piece was a struggle for us both. There are a range of different cock rings to suit a verity of sizes and level of pressure you wish to put at the base of the penis. So play around with it and see what suits your partner best and is comfortable for first use. Then snap shut that padlock and let the fun begin.

It took him sometime to get used to being restrained, but once I started teasing and kissing him, he quickly started to relax and his mind turned to penetrating me. It really was so liberating to be sat in front of him pleasuring myself. He could barely keep his hands off me and before I knew it I was totally into the role and had him pinned to the bed with the 50 Shades of Grey – ‘Submit to Me’ bed restraints we reviewed the previous week. I cannot tell you how happy he was to comply. 

As he watched me masturbate and reach climax time and time again, the tension did not leave me and grew stronger and more powerful in him. He was like a caged animal, to whom only I had the power of release!

As this was our first experience with the male chastity set, I took control for 45mins – 1hr and then freed him from his restraints and the sex was hard and passionate. Even better than any "make-up” sex I’ve ever experienced before.

He was perfectly happy with how it felt on and felt it wasn’t too heavy or uncomfortable at any stage. Furthermore we had a "safe-word”, for if he became uncomfortable and this is very important for anyone wishing to use any such sexual aid or restraint.

I feel also that both myself and my partner were more open to trying this, as we had already tested and reviewed a number of other restraints and cuffs. I would suggest anyone wishing to take the step into domination and bondage to start off slowly and up the anti slowly and to a level both you and your partner are happy with.

The following review was done following careful research into male chastity sets and safe use there of. Please ensure that both parties are in consent of using the set and usage is done with care and consideration. Miss use could lead to injury. Any items which restrain or could cause injury must have both parties consent for use. If you are unsure of how to use the set or have any concerns, please refrain from use. Maison Rouge can not be held responsible for any miss use of this item.


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Love and Kisses

Poppy Noir

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