This week I, along with my dear friend Thea -who has recently given birth - will be reviewing the Fifty Shades of Grey , "Silver Pleasure Balls".

Both Thea and I have been testing these balls out for the past month. 

Firstly, on receiving the beautifully packaged items we were both shocked at the sheer weight of the balls. They are two concur sized silver balls threaded through strong black cord and attached to a ring-pull  for easy removal and retrieval of the balls. 

There are two uses for this item. The first being for use during foreplay. Worn in the vagina, they can stimulate your G-spot and with gentle movement enhance your foreplay. 

It suggests wearing the balls up to an hour before foreplay begins and I did just that. Your internal muscles wrap around the balls to hold them in place and with gentle movement, you can easily stimulate and excite yourself. Once removed to allow my parter to penetrate me, he could immediately feel how engaged my muscles were and I was able to dilate with much more strength. 

I really enjoyed having the balls inserted and felt rather naughty knowing they were there and no one else knew. Having tested them at home a number of times, I then thought I would be super cheeky and start wearing them during office hours. I have to say, it really turned me on and distracted me from my day job. I then couldn't wait to get home to my partner. I can assure you he wasn't complaining...

The second use for the balls is strengthening and toning your pelvic muscles. Those of which are greatly stretched during childbirth and become weaker with age. I have always struggled to sit clenching my pelvic floor and often found it arousing me rather than toning my muscles. So for me the 'Silver Pleasure Balls' worked wonders. As I said previously the balls made an immediate impact on how tight I felt, but would then wear off as I relaxed further into the moment. But with regulate use, the difference is remarkable. I wouldn't say I was quite  "virginalised", but I was definitely a great deal tighter than before I started using the balls. Be warned, your partner may have to concentrate a great deal harder not to cum quickly, as your muscle control will be like never before. Having not had children myself, it was interesting to feel the difference a months worth of use could make. I also thought it would be worthwhile getting my friend Thea, who as I said previously has recently had a baby, to also road test the pleasure balls. 

Please be aware that Maison Rouge does not promote the use of these Silver Pleasure Balls before it is safe to do so post birth. Please consult your GP before use. If at any stage you are concerned or in discomfort, please refrain from use.

This was Thea's first child and she had been advised to work on her pelvic floor before giving birth, in order to strengthen her muscles. Like me, she isn't great at remembering to do things like pelvic floor workouts and subsequently didn't do as much as was advices prior to birth. So, once it was safe for her to do so, I handed her her own set of pleasure balls and gave her a month to test them out. As suggested she used them with water based lubricant, to help with ease of insertion and once inserted she had no  choice but to give those pelvic muscles a good workout. Thea noticed the difference in her size when she first started partaking in sexual activities with her husband, and noticed a decrease in sensation and tightness. So was grateful for anything that would aid her in getting back her inner sexual tigress. At first she felt the balls were rather lose and was extremely worried about them falling out, so would use them for 15min spells at a time. Once her muscles started to build in strength she was happily darting around the house, attending to babe and keeping house with no worry of them shifting. After a months use, Thea noticed a huge difference and would recommend purchasing these for pre and post birth.

So the Fifty Shades of Grey - Silver Pleasure Balls get a big thumbs up from both myself and Thea.

Love and Kisses

Poppy Noir xxx
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