Poppy Noir reviews: The fun swing.

During our time away on the 'faces of Maison Rouge,' photo shoot, my parter was busy installing our latest review item and what an item it is! 

The fun swing is a mid range sex swing, with leg, thigh and body harness to hold you securely in place. 

I have to say, the first use of this product was a complete giggle! We covered the floor in pillows, just in case I fell, then had so much fun trying to get me in position. It was a little nerve wracking at first, as you are literally suspended from the ceiling.the fun swing really lived up to its name as I swirled around, legs all over the place desperately trying to keep my composure! Haha!

Once we got the hang of it, it was really good fun and a completely new and exhilarating experience! Both you and your partner can control the level of swing and penetration depth during use. I personally really enjoyed letting my partner take full control over the situation. 

The swing can be adjusted to a variety of heights to suit your needs and is very arousing during foreplay. 

The swing is both fun and a real workout, as you use your core muscles to enhance your positioning and movement. Both the leg and thigh straps can be used to hold you in a variety of positions during play. I would suggest starting off using simple techniques until you get used to it. I can however confirm, that the angles my partner reached during penetration where like nothing I had experienced before! Also, because your body is suspended and your core muscles engaged, the sensation of orgasm is 10 fold and worth its weight in gold!!!

The fun swing can also be used as part of your bondage play, as the submissive can be suspended in anticipation of a good hard spanking. Why not team this item with one of our paddles or whips! 

Don't just stop at the female using the swing! My partner got himself into the harness and could barely control himself as I performed oral sex on him. Although I could have left him hanging there for not doing the washing up ;)! 

Before considering this item, please ensure that you have a secure ceiling to which the swing can be suspended, alternatively why not invest in our freestanding swing stand! Then you can take the fun with you everywhere!!!

Love and Kisses 

Poppy Noir xxx

Please note that Maison Rouge can not be held responsible for the misuse off this item or any damage caused if proper insulation is not carried out!

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